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The Stanford U.S.-Russia Forum is dedicated to bringing students at leading Russian and American universities together for research in public policy, business, economics and many other disciplines. Each year twenty American and twenty Russian students are selected for the program, which begins with a fall conference in Moscow followed by eight months of work on collaborative research projects and a capstone conference in the spring at Stanford University. More than 300 undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students from Russia and the U.S. have participated in the program since its founding in 2008. To learn more about SURF, please visit the program section of our website.

Our primary objectives are:

  • To promote collaboration and dialogue between American and Russian students in areas including (but not limited to) science, technology, business, politics, history, and entrepreneurship. Through participating in student-driven collaborations, we encourage delegates to embrace new ways of problem-solving while forming lasting ties.
  • To develop creative ideas for improving U.S.-Russia relations that contribute to the ongoing dialogue amongst policymakers, academics, and other members of the professional world. Our delegates write policy proposals and do research that is distributed to individuals and organizations who influence the course of U.S.-Russian relations.