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The Stanford US-Russia Forum Application

Our organization provides a platform for Russian and American university students from across both countries to work together on some of the most important issues we face today. As a delegate, you will travel to Russia and the US, collaborating with your international peers in a rigorous and constructive environment. You'll learn how to build consensus while creating lasting connections with your fellow delegates. You'll also join our community of alumni, who have become Fulbright Scholars, entrepreneurs, professors, journalists, and much more. We welcome applications from graduate, professional, and undergraduate students in all academic disciplines and majors, regardless of prior exposure to Russia or the United States.                   



Application Tips:

  • Tell us about your intellectual passion. We want students who have demonstrated interest and engagement outside the classroom. If your interest has little to do with Russia or foreign relations, don’t worry - as long as you communicate to us what it is that really excites you. We want to know why you are excited to engage in international collaboration and dialogue with other delegates. We are looking to recruit students of varied backgrounds, and a willingness to learn and create something new is a quality we value.
  • We are looking for leaders who are self-motivated. Delegates who work independently and proactively are those who will see a richer, more nuanced result at the end of the CRP process. Your resume and essays should reflect not just involvement but commitment to activities and projects you have pursued in the past.
  • Think forward, and think big. We are looking for outside-of-the-box ideas, catalysts for change and for delegates with a bold vision for creating something better.