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The Stanford US-Russia Forum Research Journal, A Peer-Reviewed Publication

Volume 9 (April 2018)

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Letter from the Leadership · Stanford US-Russia Forum Leadership

Letter from the Editor · Alexis Lerner


Waiver or Not? Considerations of NSG Membership for Non-NPT States and Prospects for US-Russia Cooperation · Alexander Chekov, Nadla Maslennikova, Libiao Pan, Melissa Samarin, and Shana Wu

Frameworks to Advance Arctic Wind Development Through US-Russia Collaboration · Valentina Bonello, Maxim Glagolev, and Katherine Weingartner

Rebuilding the Cyber Bridge of Confidence Toward Establishing Bilateral Behavioral Norms for US-Russia Cooperation · Andrew Carroll, Elvira, Chache, and Tinatin Japaridze

Electronic Health Records in the United States and Russia: Challenges and Opportunities for Collaborative Leadership · Brian T. Cheng, Alexandr A. Kalinin, Marina Pokrovskaya

Nation-State Adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology: How Blockchain Will Remake Traditional Nation-State Relationships · Jules Hirschkorn, Alexei Levanov, Anton Titov, and Ryan Williams

Promoting Business Attractiveness for the Tech Sector in Russia: Lessons from the United States and China · Tatiana Aleksandrina, Colton Cox, Kirill Protasov, and Boguang Yang

Permafrost Degradation and Coastal Erosion in the US and Russia: Opportunities for Collaboration in Addressing Shared Climate Change Impacts · Chelsea L. Cervantes de Blois, Ilya Stepanov, Kirill Vlasov, and Ellen Marguerite Ward